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  • Stenosis

    Patient aged 80 presented with pain in his right leg due to lumbar stenosis. He was treated with lumbar traction, chiropractic adjustments, WHITEE patches, and LC Balancer. His pain was...
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  • Knee Degeneration/Osteoarthritis

    This Patient complained of knee pain, restriction of total flexation and stiffness after sitting and then getting up to walk. After 3 weeks of using 5 WHITEE patches and LC Balancer, he now reports...
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  • Osteoarthritis

    A male patient, about 50 years old, came for treatment in 2005. He had been diagnosed with bilateral first Meta carpal phalangeal joint osteoarthritis. An exclusive herbal treatment...
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  • Stress

    Judy, a 55 year old female patient, has been experiencing palpitations, tightness and discomfort through the chest region along with periodic heart flutters. The symptoms are sometimes accompanied by...
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  • Herniated Disc

    A male patient, 27 years old, came for treatment in September 2011. She had suffered from a herniated disc in her lower back for three years including severe and permanent pain travelling down the...
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  • Arthritis

    A man of 62 with osteoarthritis of the knees and toes who had tried numerous conventional and herbal medicines was still not free from pain. He complained of aching and stiffness in his knees and...
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  • Chemotherapy Side Effects

    A female patient (retired school teacher), 62 years old, came for alternative healthcare support during her chemotherapy after breast cancer in 2005. She suffered from fatigue as well as numbness in...
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